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We are a small but diverse and global team with headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand and Seattle, WA.  It all started with just a few of us, sharing our love of treasure hunts and mysteries and escape rooms and puzzles and geocaching and location-based adventure games! We thought, what if we combine all of these awesome things into a single mobile game? So we applied our backgrounds in high tech, cutting edge innovations, storytelling & artistry to create Hidden Secrets Studios!

Our inspiration for Hidden Secrets also welled up from a desire to add more just-outside-of-time, look-up-and-take-notice moments to our daily lives. We want to invite people to join us on a mysterious quest, to actively engage their curiosity in play that takes place both outside and inside. Ultimately, we hope our players will play and become a part of our dynamic game evolution.  We have a gazillion ideas for future games and our players will influence the shape of our growth.  And for that, we are hugely grateful and excited to begin the journey!

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Every 24 hours, only one new "missing journal page" is released for play. Each day you'll get a chance to seek the new page pieces, puzzle them together, and solve the cryptic puzzle revealed.  Then gameplay for the day is done!  Within 24 hours, the next page of the adventure will be released for you to seek and solve. 


All Hidden Secrets games will include this "time-released" play to keep the playing field even until the final journal page is released and players may then race to pinpoint the treasure location(s) on the final day.  Clues to the treasure location(s) are hidden within the journal story.  Players will need to examine the journal pages closely as they progress in the game, deciphering hidden clues to help solve the final treasure location(s).

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Although the locations of the hidden treasures are real-world locations, you do not have to actually visit them to win.  A virtual world map will be unlocked after you solve the final journal page puzzle. Once this map is unlocked, you may pinpoint exactly where in the world you think one of the treasures is hidden by tapping on the location and pressing "submit".  You will have to be fully zoomed in for it to work!  Make as many guesses as you'd like. The first person to correctly locate a treasure location will win the cash prize!