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Q: How long does the game last?


A:  This specialty Prelude treasure hunt will last 7 days.  However, the approximate game length of our future treasure hunts will be roughly one month for each campaign. 

Q: Will there be more hunts after this one?


A:  Yes! Each hunt we release will have a unique storyline, theme, and new treasures to find! Our very first full campaign which trails off this Prelude is Escape In Time, a month-long adventure with prizes up to $100,000 USD!

Q: How many hints are offered for each journal page?


A:  You’ll have the opportunity to purchase up to 4 hints per journal page puzzle. The hints are formatted to significantly help you solve the puzzles. We want you to be able to progress forward to the next day’s adventure! The last hint is the complete answer.  

Q: What if the hints don't help me solve the puzzle? Can I get a refund on clues?


A:  Refunds are not available for the hints - or unused hints.

Q: Are there any smaller prizes or just the $1000 prize?


A:  There is only the one prize of $1000. We want players to be rewarded a substantial amount for their cunning and persistence.

Q: How will winner of the $1000 be paid?


A:  A check will be mailed to the address provided.


Q: What happens if someone already found the treasure before me?


A:  Unfortunately, there is only one secret treasure location on our virtual world map. . . so the race is on!

Q: How old do I have to be to play and win the cash?


A:  If you are 13 years of age or younger you must first have consent from a parent or guardian to play our game. Due to law restrictions, we can only award the treasure to someone who can legally collect the prize money. To be eligible to collect the prize money, the recipient must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of majority in their place of residence, whichever is greater.  


Q: Is it legal in my country?


A:  Unfortunately we do not have the resources to review law in every area of the world. Please confirm this for yourself if there is a concern.  We can legally send out a check to you . . . and our hope is that you can legally cash it!

Q: Can we play in teams?


A:  Sure - what fun!  Just be sure that everyone understands that any money won will be payable to a single name only (as provided to us by you at the time of winning!). So confirm ahead of time with your team how the money will be split amongst yourselves once awarded.  


Q: Will everything be done from the app or will other websites be involved?


A:  All gameplay will be done through the app. However, we will also be launching a Game Store to buy treasure replicas and Hidden Secrets gear.

Q: Will the Hidden Secrets folks have any issues with me making vlogs/blogs/posts on the clues and/or my progress through the game?


A:  We are happy to have you share your experience with Hidden Secrets! However, we encourage players to learn progressive puzzle solving and uncover new ways of thinking. We want people to solve and learn on their own, to challenge themselves. For this reason, we ask players not to disclose answers or critical information that will otherwise limit other player's capacity to learn. Remember, everyone is competing to win the prize, so by disclosing clues you can disrupt the fun element of competition. And hey . . . even YOU could win the prize money, but only if you're the first to select a correct location! Would you want others to find the treasure before you?