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Hidden Secrets: Escape in Time


Timeline: 30 Days

Treasure: $100,000 cash



Before starting Hidden Secrets: Escape, please read all of the Official Rules, Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service located in the Application and Website. Due to law restrictions, we can only award the treasure to players who can legally collect the prize money. To be eligible to win the treasure, you must, at the time of locating the treasure (i) be at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of majority in your place of residence, whichever is greater, (ii) be physically located in a region in which winning money is permissible by law, (iii) and at all times abide by the Terms of Service and Official Rules. You will find more details of game execution, regulation and treasure payout in our Terms of Service. The Terms of Service may change from time to time, so please read the Terms of  Service when we notify you of changes. As always, you must follow local laws while playing.




Our vision is to get people outside and exploring the world around them while having fun! Please always be courteous of the people around you and the environment you are in. Because this is a real world game, you may come face-to-face with other treasure hunters. Please keep things fun for all and respect your fellow players. Remember, everyone has legal rights. Never abuse, defame, harass, harm, stalk, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of others. Read more on this in our Terms of Service.




Be alert at all times and stay aware of your surroundings. We do our best to provide a safe platform to play on; however, you are in sole responsibility of determining your own safety. There are many situations where obstructions, safety hazards, poor weather conditions and anything else that may provide an unsafe environment can occur. If an in-game map marker has generated in an unsafe area, do not try to collect it.  You can choose to skip walking up to any marker. Additionally, please do not trespass on any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be. By participating in our treasure hunt and using the application, you acknowledge and take on full responsibility and liability for your own wellbeing and actions. Please read more on this in our Terms of Service.




Piece together the journal day-by-day and let the mystery unfold! You will be immersed in the pages of a curious antiquated journal. The author of this journal has a thrilling tale to tell - and a promise of real treasure for the quickest and cleverest to decipher his clues to find it! Solve the daily challenges and be the first to correctly locate the treasure to win $100,oo0 USD*.

* Eligibility restrictions may apply - please check with your regional and local laws to see if you are eligible to win the prize money. Learn more about legalities and eligibility requirements in our Terms of Service.

  • As this is an outdoor exploration game, please always use your highest caution and be aware of your surroundings!

  • Never operate a vehicle or equipment while playing and always follow local laws.

  • Open the map to navigate your surroundings - markers on the map indicate missing page pieces of the journal that you must physically visit to collect.*

  • Once you have walked close enough to a marker, it will be clickable on your in-app map.

  • Click the marker to collect the page piece, but note you will have to complete a mini challenge before you can acquire the page piece.*

  • Never visit a marker if you feel it is in an unsafe or inappropriate location.

  • If you think a marker is unsafe, you may choose to skip by watching an ad instead.


* To help players progress through the hunt and provide easy accessibility for all, we offer  “outs” to either skip walking to a marker or skip playing a mini-challenge.

  • There are 35 journal pages in total. Starting on the game launch date, one journal page will be released approximately every 24 hours.

  • Once a page is released, there is no time requirement to collect it.

  • Each journal page will have 5 pieces that must be collected to assemble a full page.

  • The assembled journal page will require you to solve a puzzle in order to unlock the next page. Note that if you have no pages to catch up on, the next page will unlock in the next timed release.

  • You will have unlimited guesses to solve the “daily” journal page puzzle.

  • Hints are available to help solve each daily puzzle.

  • Please note - no hints will be available to help solve the actual treasure location. Players will have to rely on their own cunning!

  • Take note of strange markings and illustrations throughout the journal - they may be clues to the secret location of the treasure.

  • Only after the final journal page has been solved does the virtual world map appear to let players begin guessing where the treasure is located.

  • Our virtual world map is a real map of the world, meaning you will have to use real geographic knowledge to decipher our clues and make your guesses as to the whereabouts of the secret treasure location.

  • You can zoom-in or use the search bar to put in an address or the coordinates you suspect hold the treasure.

  • You must be zoomed-in until the triangle turns green, click the screen where you think the treasure lies and hit ”Submit”.

  • No real travel to a treasure destination is necessary.

  • You will have unlimited guesses as to where the treasure is buried.

  • In-game purchases will be made available to players through our in-game gold coin virtual currency to help progress players through the hunt and improve accessibility for players in special circumstances.

  • Gold coins are an optional purchase for players and may also be found and earned throughout the game.

  • Gold coins are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • Gold coins have no value outside of the game.

  • Gold coins cannot be carried forward into future Hidden Secrets treasure hunts.

  •  Gold coins are linked to a unique UDID on your device - if you change devices, gold coins will not carry over.

  • For more details on our gold coin virtual currency, please refer to our Terms of Service.



The sole sponsor of this treasure hunt is Hidden Secrets Studios, Wellington, New Zealand.

 This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple or Google.

  • You must be the first to correctly locate the hidden treasure on the virtual world map to claim its prize.

  • The first person to correctly pinpoint the location of the treasure on the virtual world map will win $10,000 USD*.

  • We will send out a push notification to all players alerting when someone has correctly located the treasure. All players will still be able to continue to play the game; however, there will be no cash prize left to be won.

  • The Winner will be sent a Winner Release, along with any legal documents deemed necessary to prove winner's eligibility to receive the cash award. These legal documents must be fully completed, signed and returned to us within 21 days of receiving before we can issue the award.

  • Upon receiving the Winner’s fully completed Winner Release and legal documents, we will issue a check to the home address provided.

*Eligibility restrictions may apply.