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Hidden Secrets is a new mobile game platform hosting free-to-play, augmented reality treasure hunts layered with cryptic puzzles and location-based activity.  Players will be immersed into stories of mystery and intrigue, into strange spaces and curious places.

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$1000 found

Escape PRELUDE  is the very first of many puzzling treasure hunts to be released by Hidden Secrets. This seven-day immersive mystery will take you on a journey to find real treasure - $1000 USD cash! Treasure hunters will actively seek our hero's missing journal pages, solve puzzles, master mini-games, and uncover cryptic clues that point to the secret treasure location. This PRELUDE leads into our longer 30-day treasure hunt, Escape In Time, with cash prizes of up to $100,000!

The clock is ticking... Are you ready to play? 


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