Hidden Secrets:  Mobile Mystery, Puzzle Hunts for Real Cash
Free-to-Play on iOS and Android


Get ready for the next mobile game sensation! Hidden Secrets Studios, a new player in the mobile gaming world, has just launched their first real-world treasure hunting game: Hidden Secrets: Escape Prelude - a sneak-peak look at bigger things to come!  What sets Hidden Secrets apart from other mobile games? For one, they give away large real cash awards to players who are first to uncover their treasure locations. The first game following Prelude will award a whopping $100,000 cash!  For another, the games are time released, revealing an evolving mystery story and daily puzzle challenges that will immerse players into another space and time over a succession of typically 30 days.  It’s a whole new idea in mobile gaming - mixing interactive play and augmented reality - with fantastic storytelling and cryptic puzzles - with substantial cash prizes - all in one fun-to-play package!

The game starts out on familiar ground. Similar to the box-office hit Pokémon GO, Hidden Secrets uses location-based technology to send players into the streets. Players will search their surroundings using a real-world map, seeking missing journal page pieces that are scattered nearby. Inside the journal is an exciting story of adventure, time-travel and mystery. Hand-sketched and cryptic, its pages contain the secret locations of the treasures... for those who can solve the puzzles and decipher the clues. When the story comes to an end, a virtual world map will appear and players will vie at being the first to pinpoint the exact hidden treasure locations on the map - winning them the cash. 

Another distinguisher - they only release one journal page per day. This is to keep the playing field even until the last page is released. Players can play every day as pages are released, or catch up every few days. To reach the end of the game and unlock the treasure hunting map, players will have to solve the daily puzzles revealed on each new journal page. The puzzles are varied and include cryptograms, ciphers, number and logic puzzles - starting easy and increasing in difficulty to develop players' logic and problem solving skills. Their CEO states, “For us it’s more about the experience. Yes, there’s real treasure involved, but our hope is that players will find that getting outside and exploring, challenging their minds, and delving into a mysterious story will be the main draw. There’s a definite sense of accomplishment and delight when you work through the puzzles and locate the treasure - even if you don’t win the cash.” 

Hidden Secrets: Escape Prelude launched on August 17, 2019 and includes just 7 journal pages - a "story before the story".  It will award a $1,000 cash prize to the first person to decipher the treasure location.  Prelude is a preview of the longer 30-page game, Hidden Secrets: Escape In Time, launching soon after and awarding up to $100,000 in USD cash.

Check-out Prelude today on iOS and Android!  

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